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Show Quality Carburetor Restoration

Zenith Model 228The Carburetor Doctor can restore your carburetor to new condition, or build you one from our large inventory of cores.

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Tech Article #4

Stromberg Carburetor ID - Manufacturer Code Numbers

Most production carburetors from 1934 onward have a code number stamped either on the body or on a metal tag attached to the body, which identifies the car or truck and yearly model on which it is intended. In the 1930's this number was often stamped on the throttle body. Later carburetors - 1940's and up - have the number stamped on the top of float bowl.


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Carburetor parts for classic carburetors
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Carburetor Gallery

Carter BB Carburetor E7T1

Carter BB for 1950-52 Dodge and Fargo 6 cylinder uses kit CK2
carburetor service manual: CM2
new brass float: F72

Rochester M4ME Carburetor
Rochester M4ME Quadrajet 17085001 uses kit CK219, float F11, choke pull off VB45 and choke coil CC139.
Ford 534 CID carburetor

Holley 4150G for Ford 534 CID Super Duty truck engine uses kit CK349 and floats F5

Carter W-1

Carter W-1 for 1949 Chevrolet Truck uses kit CK462
Carburetor manual: CM462
Brass float: F71

Ford 4100 Carburetor


Ford (Autolite) Model 4100 uses kit CK14, floats F25 (front), F26 (rear) and choke thermostat CC34
Carburetor manual: CM14

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Rochester Quadrajet Carburetor Rebuild Kits and Parts

Rochester Quadrajet accelerator pumps have a plastic end which is often broken or damaged. Our kits have complete QJet accelerator pump assemblies including an ethanol-compatible Viton cup. Now you can replace that broken, damaged or incorrect pump with a new OEM-type replacement.

1968-1974 Buick 4MV Quadrajet Rebuild Kit

1967-1968 Chevrolet 4MV Quadrajet Rebuild Kit - big block

1967-1969 Cadillac 4MV Quadrajet Rebuild Kit

1969-1972 Chevrolet 4MV Quadrajet Rebuild Kit - big block

1975-1981 M4MC Quadrajets for Oldsmobile engines

1974-1979 M4MC Quadrajets - Buick engines

1977-1983 Cadillac and Chevrolet Quadrajets

1975-1979 Cadillac and Chevrolet Quadrajets

1975-1979 Pontiac Quadrajets

1984-1990 Oldsmobile E4MC Quadrajets

Chrysler M4ME Quadrajets

1966-1974 Buick and Pontiac 4MV and 4MC

1969-1971 Chevrolet small-block Quadrajets

1966-1974 Cadillac and Oldsmobile 4MV and 4MC, also Ford 429 Super Cobra Jet

1972-1979 Chevrolet 4MV Carburetors

Rochester Quadrajet M4MEF rebuild kit

Typical Quadrajet Kits - CK368 (above) for Rochester M4MEF carburetors (1985-1989),, CK91 (below) for 1972 small block only

1972 Rochester 4MV rebuild kit


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