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Carburetor Gallery

Rochester 7040200
Rochester 4MV Quadrajet 7040200 for 1970 big-block Chevrolet uses kit CK93, float F1 and choke pull off VB13.
Rochester 4Jet 7024128
Rochester 4GC 4-Jet 7024128 for 1964 Chevrolet 409 automatic uses kit CK468
1972 Pontiac carburetor
Rochester 4MV Quadrajet 7042273 for Pontiac uses kit CK104 and float F1.
1969 GMC 366 Holley
Holley 4150G # R-7923A for 1969 GMC truck with governor uses kit CK206 and floats F52.
Rochester BC
Rochester Model BC for early 1960's Chevrolet 6 cyl car uses kit CK33 and float F31


Ford (Autolite) Model 4100 uses kit CK14, floats F25 (front), F26 (rear) and choke thermostat CC34

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