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Carburetor Kits and Parts - Agriculture and Industrial

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Please note that the final determination of which parts are needed should be made from the carburetor number, if possible. The applications below should be taken as a guide only, since in many cases parts have been changed in service or there were variations in original production.

Ford Agricultural, Industrial and Tractor Carburetor Kits and Parts

Applications Carb Type Carburetor Numbers Carburetor Repair Kit Float Carburetor Manual
  Z 13715, 13789, 13828 (D2JL-P) CK616
  Z 13825 (D7JL-K) CK617



B Z 9544 CK622   CM615
F Z 12953 (C4JL-B) CK616   CM615
V4 Z 13533, 13637, 13725 (DOJJ-D, D1JJ-F, D3JL-H) CK616   CM615
67", 98" Eng. Z 13806, 13832 (D6JL-A, D9JL-R) CK616   CM615
91" Eng. Z 13345 (C7JZ-R) CK616   CM615
98" Eng. Z 13740, 13773, 13798, 13838, 13846 (D3JL-N, D4JL-K, D5JL-E, D8JL-B, D9JL-T) CK616   CM615
104" Eng. H R-3894A, R-3894AAS (C7JZ-A) CK55   CK3
104" Eng. Z 13366, 13366C, 13470, 13553, 13860 (C7JZ-S, DOJJ-C, D3JL-P, D9JL-S) CK616   CM615
121", 172” Eng. Z 13669, 13702 (D1JZ-B, D4JL-L) CK616   CM615
140", 170" Eng. H R-6133A, R-7954A, R-8772A, R-9170A (DOJJ-G, D7JL-G, D9JL-A, D9JL-H) CK88 F4 CM88
200" Eng. H R-4711A, R-4711AAS (DOJJ-B, DOJJ-BA, D9JJ-A) CK55   CK3
200" Eng. H R-6123A, R-6123-1A, R-6133A, R-6133-1A, R-7458A, R-9170A (D0JJ-F, D0JJ-G, D5JL-C, D7JL-A, D9JL-H) CK88 F4 CM88
240", 300" Eng. MC C5TF-AC, C5TF-N (C5T2-J, C5T2-K) CK13   CM13
240", 300" Eng. H R-3206A, R-3206AAS, R-6844A (C5JZ-B, C5JZ-BA, D3JL-B, D5JZ-B, D5JZ-BA) CK55   CK3
250" Eng. C 6255S (D2OF-MA, D2OZ-M) CK70 F56 CM40
330" Eng. MC D1TF-AA (D1TZ-A) CK35 F13 CM35
330" Eng. H R-2703-1A, R-2703-1AAS (C4TF-BY, C4TZ-C, C4TZ-D) CK38 F5  
330", 361", 391" Eng. Z 13313, 13313A, 13314 (C7JZ-L, C7JZ-M) CK573    
330", 361", 391" Eng. Z 13706, 13788 (D2JL-S, D4JL-N) CK620   CM620
351" Eng. H R-8970A (D9JL-C) CK38 F5  
351" Eng. MC D2AZ-C CK35 F13 CM35
361", 370", 429" Eng. H R-2704-1A, R-2704-1AAS, R-4179A, R-9079A, R-9080A (C4TF-BZ, C4JZ-D, C8TF-AR, D9JL-E, D9JL-F) CK38 F5  
391" Eng. H R-2705-1A, R-2705-1AAS (C4TF-CA, C4TZ-J) CK8 F5 CM8
391" Eng. H R-3233A (C5JZ-A) CK38 F5  
401" Eng. H R-1980A, R-1980AS, R-1980AAS, R-2154-1A, R-2154-1AAS (C0TE-N, C3TE-H) CK8 F5 CM8
477", 534" Eng. H R-1981A, R-1981AAS, R-1982A, R-1982AS, R-1982AAS, R-2155-1A, R-2156-1A (C0TE-M, COTE-R, C3TE-D, C3TE-L) CK8 F5 CM8
534" Eng. Z 13767 (D4JL-K) CK620   CM620
Industrial H R-3155-2A, R-3233-1A (C7JZ-D, C7JZ-E) CK38 F5  
Industrial H R-4689A, R-4689AAA (DOJJ-A) CK55   CK3
Industrial H R-7931A (D7J6-13) CK391 F4 CM88
Service Carburetors Z 11306 CK620   CM620



Industrial M-S TSX-38, TSX-83, TSX-534 (2N-9510, ONY-9510, EAF-D) CK608 F60 CM608
Service Carburetors M-S TSXU-829, TSXU-834 CK608   CM608
Z 10850, 11294, 12493, 12494 CK622   CM615



NAA Golden Jubilee (Gasoline) M-S TSX-428 (EAC-C) CK608 F60 CM608
1939-1952 2N, 8N, 8NAN, 9N (Ford, Ford Ferguson)
TSX-33, TSX-241A, TSX-241B, TSX-241C, TSX-420
(8N-9510, 8NAN-9510, 9N-9510-A, ED-8N-9510)
CK608 (standard) F60 CM608
TSX-33, TSX-241A, TSX-241B, TSX-241C CK685 (master)
600, 600K (Distillate)
TSX-500, TSX-577 (EBD-9510-D, EBD-8N-9510)
CK608 F60 CM608
600 (Gasoline) M-S TSX-580 (EAE-9510-D) CK608 F60 CM608
600 (Gasoline) M-S TSX-765 (312954) CK608 F60 CM608
600, 4 Wheel (Gasoline) M-S TSX-692, TSX-765 (310746, 312954) CK608 F60 CM608
700, 700K (Distillate) M-S TSX-500, TSX-577 (EBD-9510-D) CK608 F60 CM608
700 (Gasoline) M-S TSX-580 (EAE-9510-D) CK608 F60 CM608
700 (Tricycle) M-S TSX-692 (310746) CK608 F60 CM608
800 (Alcohol) M-S TSX-771 (312778) CK608 F60 CM608
800 (Distillate) M-S TSX-551 (EBE-9510-D) CK608 F60 CM608
800 (Gasoline) M-S TSX-593 (EAF-9510-D) CK608 F60 CM608
800 (Gasoline) M-S TSX-706 (EAF-9510-G) CK608 F60 CM608
800 (Gasoline) M-S TSX-769, TSX-813 (EAF-312955, CONN-9510-C) CK610   CM608
800, 4 Wheel (Gasoline) M-S TSX-662, TSX-769 (310015, EAF-312955) CK610   CM608
900 (Distillate) M-S TSX-551 (EBE-9510-D) CK608 F60 CM608
900 (Gasoline) M-S TSX-593 (EAF-9510-D) CK608 F60 CM608
900 (Gasoline) M-S TSX-706 (EAF-9510-G) CK608 F60 CM608
900 (Tricycle) M-S TSX-662, TSX-813 (310015, CONN-9510-C) CK610   CM608
134" Eng. M-S TSX-976 (D3JL-E) CK608 F60 CM608
158" Eng. 3 Cyl.
R-6863A, R-7867A, R-7896A, R-8552A, R-8553A

CK576 (standard)

CK680 (master)

158" Eng. 3 Cyl. 32 H.P. 2000 Series
R-3012A, R-3012-1A, R-3012-2A, R-3012-3A, R-3656A, R-4119A, R-4119-1A (C5NE-H, C5NN-D, C5NN-L, C9NN-A)

CK576 (standard)

CK680 (master)

158" Eng. 3 Cyl. 40 H.P. 3000 Series
R-2923A, R-2923-1A, R-2923-2A, R-2923-3A, R-2923-4A, R-3655A, R-4120A (C5NE-G, C5NE-K, C5NN-E, C5NN-M, C9NN-B) CK576    
2000 Series 158", 3000 Series 175",
4000 Series 200" 3 Cyl., 210" Eng.
13912, 13913, 13914 (E1NN-AA, E1NN-BA, E1NN-CA)
172", 192" Eng. M-S TSX-966, TSX-977 (D3JL-D, D1NL-A) CK610   CM608
192" Eng. 3 Cyl. 42 H.P., 201" Eng. H R-3013A, R-3013-1A, R-3013-2A, R-3013-3A, R-3013-4A, R-3657A,

CK576 (standard)

CK680 (master)

48 H.P. 4000 Series
R-3658A, R-4111A (C5NE-J, C5NE-L, C5NN-F, C5NN-N, C7NN-A, C9NN-C)

CK576 (standard)

CK680 (master)

201" Eng. Model 65 Series 4000 H R-8554A

CK576 (standard)

CK680 (master)

223" Eng. 6000 Series Z 12902 (C3NN-A) CK615   CM615
232" Eng. 4 Cyl. 58 H.P., 5000 Series
R-3210A, R-3210-1A, R-3658A, R-3658-1A, (C5NN-G, C5NN-R, C6NN-A, C9NN-D)

CK576 (standard)

CK680 (master)

Service Carburetors M-S TSXU-829, TSXU-834 CK608   CM608
Service Carburetors M-S TSXU-963 CK612   CM608
Service Carburetors Z 12544, 12566, 13876, 13877, 13878, 13879, 13880 CK622   CM615
Service Carburetors Z 12992, 12994, 13875, 13881 CK615   CM615
Service Carburetors Z 13912, 13913, 13914, 13915, 13916, 13917, 13920 CK573    



134" Eng. M-S TSX-971, TSX-987, TSX-996 (D2JL-F, D4JL-C, D5JL-H) CK608 F60 CM608
172", 192" Eng.
TSX-972, TSX-973, TSX-988, TSX-989, TSX-997, TSX-998
(D2JL-G, D2JL-H, D4JL-D, D4JL-E, D5JL-J, D5JL-K)
Service Carburetors M-S TSXU-834 CK608 F60 CM608
Service Carburetors M-S TSXU-963 CK612   CM608



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