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Carburetor Gallery

Carter BB Carburetor E7T1
Holley 4150 for Ford 534 CID

Carter BB for 1950-52 Dodge and Fargo 6 cylinder uses kit CK2

carburetor service manual: CM2

Holley 4150G for Ford 534 CID Super Duty truck engine uses kit CK349 and floats F5
Oldsmobile 425 Quadrajet
Ford 4100 Carburetor

Rochester 4MV Quadrajet 7027156 for 1967 Oldsmobile 400-425 uses kit CK347, float F9, and choke pull off VB6.

carburetor service manual: CM347

Ford (Autolite) Model 4100 uses kit CK14, floats F25 (front), F26 (rear) and choke thermostat CC34

carburetor service manual: CM14

Rochester 7040200
Rochester 4MV Quadrajet 7040200 for 1970 big-block Chevrolet uses kit CK93, float F1 and choke pull off VB13.
Carter WGD for 1956 Hudson Hornet uses kit CK4662
Rochester BC
Rochester 4Jet 7024128
Rochester Model BC for early 1960's Chevrolet 6 cyl car uses kit CK33 and float F31

Rochester 4GC 4-Jet 7024128 for 1964 Chevrolet 409 automatic uses kit CK4683

carburetor service manual: CM468

Rochester Quadrajet 7044262 for 1974 Pontiac 455 uses kit CK104 and float F1.

carburetor service manual: CM104

Carter Model RJH-08 # 150S for 1929-31 Chevrolet uses kit CK715
Carter AFB 3588S for Studebaker Avanti 289 (Supercharged) uses kit CK426

Rochester 7029242 for 1969 Buick GS400 uses kit CK345, float F1 and choke pull off VB6.

carburetor service manual: CM345

1980 Pontiac 301 Turbo Carburetor

Rochester Quadrajet 17080274 for 1980 Pontiac 301 Turbo uses kit CK222, primary choke pull off VB45, float F11. Electric choke by special order.

carburetor service manual: CM355

Zenith 28 Duplex for late 40's REO truck - uses kit CK620

carburetor service manual: CM620

Ford 4300 Spreadbore Carburetor
Rochester 7040273
Ford 4300 spreadbore for 1971 351C uses kit CK89

Rochester Quadrajet 7040273 for 1970 Pontiac uses kit CK345 float F1 and choke pull off VB6

carburetor service manual: CM345

1968 Dodge 318 carburetor
1969 Buick Carburetor

Carter BBD for 1968 Dodge uses kit CK21, float F18 and choke pull off VB53.

carburetor service manual: CM21

Rochester 4MV carburetor for 1969 Buick 350 uses kit CK52 and choke pull off VB6.
Chevrolet WCFB
1969 Olds 442 carburetor

Carter WCFB for 1958 Chevrolet
uses kit CK4486.

carburetor service manual: CM448

Rochester 4MV carburetor for 1969 Oldsmobile with manual transmission, # 7029253 uses kit CK347 float F9 and choke pull off VB6.

carburetor service manual: CM347

Rambler WGD carb
Carter Thermoquad
Carter WCD for 1962 Rambler
uses kit CK37.
Carter Thermoquad number 9058S for 1976 Chrysler 400 CID, uses kit CK146, choke pull off VB14 and float F3 (two required).