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Y100 universal carb

Holley 1904 universal carbie
Holley 1904-Style Universal Carburetor

Y100 Universal Replacement carburetor

Holley 1904 type universal replacement carburetor outfit

New, not rebuilt, low profile universal replacement 1 barrel carburetor for 140-300 CID 4 and 6 cylinder applications. Features manual choke, universal type linkage, clamp-on or wingnut type air cleaner mounting and banjo fuel inlet adapter.

Ethanol compatible. Replaces Holley 1904 and 1908 carburetors on Ford, Ford Truck, Mercury and AMC applications, as well as most 1 barrel applications where a low profile carburetor is required. Suitable for industrial applcations. Features fully adjustable main jet. More information and comparison with Y200