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Carburetor Technical Information

Carter BB Downdraft and Updraft Carburetors

Carter BB1 Updraft Carburetor
Used on Chevrolet COE trucks, Chrysler, Dodge and Plymouth cars and marine applications. Also sold by Carter as a service replacement carburetor for earlier updraft models.

Typical Carter BB Downdraft Carburetor found on Dodge cars and trucks from the 1940's to the late 1950's

Carter BBR-1 - Chrysler

Industrial BB carburetor with governor









Technical Information

Carburetor Kits


Carter BB with dashpot
Carter BB carburetor with dashpot. Most of these take our kit CK442, which includes the complete dashpot plunger assembly. Shown is a carburetor from a DeSoto with Tip-Toe Hydraulic Shift.