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Carburetor Technical Information

Ford F-1 / F-1100 carburetor

This is a small 1-barrel carburetor used on Ford 6-cylinder engines from 1961-1969. 



Ford 6 cylinder engines used a variety of single throat (1-barrel) carburetors, including Holley 1904 and 1920, Carter YF and RBS models as well as the Ford 1100. Please consult the relevant sections for a visual comparison.

Ford carburetors are identified by the number on a small metal tag.  The carbs are variously marked as Ford, Autolite or Motorcraft depending on the year of manufacture.



CM13 service manual for 1961-1969 Ford 1100 Carburetors

Ford 1100 Kit Listing

CK 13 carburetor kit for 1961-1969 Ford 1100 carburetors