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Carburetor Technical Information

General Information

Ford produced model 4300 and 4350 carburetors from 1967 to 1978.

Ford 4300 square bore
Early 4300A carburetor (square bore)

1974 Bricklin carburetor

Late 4300A carburetor (1974 AMC engine)

ford 4300 spreadbore
4300D carburetor (1971 351C)




Service Manuals

Ford 4300A Service Manual (CK43 kit)

Ford 4300D Service Manual (CK89 kit)

Ford 4350 Service Manual (CK137 and CK138)


Carburetor Kits

Other Parts

Ford 4300/4350 float

Float - F81

Hot air choke thermostat - CC34

Electric choke thermostat - CC28