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Carburetor Technical Information

Rochester M2ME DualJet

Rochester M2ME DualJet for Chevrolet Engines

Rochester E2ME

Rochester E2ME DualJet for Buick Engines


Rochester DualJet E2MC/E Manual


Rochester DualJet Kits

Other DualJet Parts

Choke Thermostats

Electric choke thermostat for Chevrolet DualJet carburetors (universal OEM type): CC139

Electric choke thermostat for Buick, Olds and Pontiac DualJet carburetors (universal OEM type): CC128

Choke Pull Offs

Choke pull off for M2MC/E and E2MC/E DualJets (universal OEM type): VB45


Float for 2MC carburetors: F9

Float for M2MC/E carburetors: F11

Float for E2MC/E carburetors: F20