Ford Carburetor Numbers

1950's Ford Carburetor Numbers

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Carburetor Number Kit Choke Pull Off Primary Float Secondary Float Carburetor Service Manual

B2A-A CK003 F32 CM3
B2AE-A CK039 F32 CM3
B3Q-A CK009 CM8
B5A-J CK026 CM026
B5A-K CK026 CM026
B5A-P CK026 CM026
B6A-G CK003 F32 CM3
B6A-H CK003 F32 CM3
B7A-AA CK005
B7A-AB CK005
B7A-AS CK005
B7AE-B CK005
B7A-F CK005
B7A-G CK005
B7A-K CK005
B7A-M CK003 F32 CM3
B7A-N CK003 F32 CM3
B7A-R CK005
B7A-S CK005
B7A-T CK005
B7A-Y CK003 F32 CM3
B7J-A CK005
B7T-A CK005
B8A-A CK014 F25 F26 CM014
B8A-D CK005
B8A-E CK014 F25 F26 CM014
B8AE-A CK039 F32 CM3
B8A-G CK005
B8A-H CK005
B8A-K CK035 F13 CM035
B8A-L CK035 F13 CM035
B8A-M CK039 F32
B8A-N CK035 F13 CM035
B8A-P CK035 F13 CM035
B8A-R CK005
B8A-S CK005
B8A-V CK014 F25 F26 CM014
B8A-W CK014 F25 F26 CM014
B8C-B CK039 F32 CM3
B8C-C CK039 F32 CM3
B9A-A CK035 F13 CM035
B9A-B CK035 F13 CM035
B9A-C CK035 F13 CM035
B9A-D CK006
B9A-E CK014 F25 F26  
B9AE-A CK039 F32 CM3
B9AE-B CK039 F32 CM3
B9AE-C CK039 F32 CM3
B9AE-D CK039 F32 CM3
B9AE-E CK039 F32 CM3
B9A-F CK039 F32 CM3
B9A-M CK039 F32 CM3
B9AZ-B CK006
B9C-C CK006
B9EA-A CK039 F32 CM3
B9EA-B CK039 F32 CM3
B9EA-C CK039 F32 CM3
B9EM-A CK006
B9EM-B CK006
B9ET-A CK006
B9ET-B CK006
B9ME-A CK006
B9ME-B CK006
B9MF-A CK014 F25 F26  
B9MF-B CK014 F25 F26  
B9TE-A CK039 F32
B9TE-F CK008 F05 CM8
B9TE-G CK008 F05 CM8
B9TE-H CK008 F05 CM8
B9TE-J CK008 F05 CM8
B9TE-K CK008 F05 CM8
B9TE-L CK008 F05 CM8
B9TE-R CK008 F05 CM8
B9TE-S CK008 F05 CM8
B9TE-T CK008 F05 CM8
BBA9LA CK039 F32 CM3
BBT1AA CK006 F05
BBT1BA CK006 F05
BBT1GA CK006 F05
BBT8EA CK006 F05



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