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Stromberg Carburetor Number Guide

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About Stromberg Carb Numbers

Code Numbers

Stromberg used two main sets of numbers for carburetors. The first is the 'code number' which is normally stamped on the upper part of the body. When ordering parts, the 'code number' should be used whenever available.

Code number example


'7' is the manufacturer code for Buick
'90' is the sequential number, so the 90th Buick carb made by Stromberg
'B' is a modification to #7-90.

There is a complete list of Stromberg manufacturer codes here.

Equipment Numbers

The 'equipment number' is another number system. Equipment numbers appear on tags or are sometimes cast into the throttle body of the carburetor. Most carbs have a stamped 'code number' that should be used to ID the carb. Notably, Stromberg WW carbs used on GMC applications sometimes have only the 'Equipment Number' on a tag. These can be hard to identify.

Equipment Number Examples


This is the Equipment Number corresponding to the Code Number 7-90B, above. In some cases, we have Equipment Numbers and Code Numbers for the same unit.


Corresponds to 10-40B, 10-40D and 10-40E ('10' = Packard)

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