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There were three main series of Stromberg 2-venturi carbs made: the AA, EE and WW series.

The Stromberg AA series carbs were used on a variety of applications starting in the 1930's, including Buick, Cadillac, Chrysler, LaSalle, Packard and Studebaker.

Stromberg EE carburetors were used on may applications including Auburn, Buick, Cadillac, Chrysler, Ford, Graham, Hupmobile, LaSalle, Lincoln, Zephyr, Nash, Oldsmobile, Packard, Pierce Arrow and Studebaker.

The most famous of these today is the so-called Stromberg '97' which was used on Ford flathead V-8's either as original equipment or as a replacement carb from 1935-1949.  The carburetor is correctly called an 'EE" carb; the name '97' refers to the venturi size of one version of this carb: 0.97 inch.  Other variants of the Ford EE carb are the '81' and the '48' . The '81' had a 0.81" venturi, whereas '48' had the largest venturi at 1.03".the  Some notes on these are here.

A detailed discussion on these carbs, fuel pumps and fuel pump pressure and other tech aspects is in an excellent article by 'rumbleseat' which is here.

Stromberg WW series carburetors came much later, and were used on passenger cars in the 50's and 60's, and on trucks into the early 70's (when the Bendix-Stromberg corporation stopped making carburetors).

Stromberg WW carbs come in several variations, including governed models used on GMC V-6, V-8 and V-12 motors.

More detailed information on Stromberg WW and WWC carburetors



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