Carter Carburetor Numbers

Carter Carburetor Numerical Index

All Carter carburetor numbers are followed with the letter 'S'. Running engineering changes are designated by 'SA', 'SB' and so on, but all carbs with the same number use the same kit.

Most Carter carburetors had the number on a tag only. Carter AFB, AVS and Thermoquad carbs have the number stamped on the base on the passenger side.

Some Carter YF and YFA carburetors have the number stamped on the edge of the float bowl flange where it meets the throttle body.

Ball and Ball carburetors (BB) were often marked with an alphanumeric code, which was stamped on the airhorn of the carburetor.

Carter Carburetor Number List

About Casting Numbers vs. Carb Numbers

Most of the cast (aluminum, iron or zinc) components of a Carter carburetor have a casting number, which is a raised number, cast into the part. It usually looks like X-YYYY where X is a single digit, eg. 1 = body flange, 6 = airhorn etc., and XXXX is 2 to 4 digits identifying the exact part. Casting numbers CANNOT be used to ID the carburetor because 1) the same casting is used on multiple carburetors and 2) machining takes place after the casting is formed, so there can be many different versions.

Carburetors without a carb number usually need to disassembled to ID them for the purpose of finding a rebuild kit.

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