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Quality carburetor rebuild kits, choke pull offs, choke coils and floats for American carburetors.

 New universal replacement carburetors

Brand-new replacement Daytona-brand carburetors are now available for most 4 and 6 cylinder applications, including cars, trucks, industrial and agricultural applications. These are new production units based on classic Zenith and Holley designs, but reproduced with the best modern materials, including a superior quality zinc alloy for the main castings.

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Y100 Holley 1904 type universal carburetor
Y100: Holley 1904-Style Universal Carburetor

only $349.00


The Y100 Holley 1904 style replaces most 1 barrel downdraft carburetors on 4 and 6 cylinder applications over 140 CID.

This carburetor can be used as a replacement for Holley 1904 and 1908 carburetors on Ford, Mercury, Ford Truck, AMC and IHC applications where a manual choke carburetor is required. Can also be used to replace Autolite 1100 and Carter AS carburetors on 6 cylinder Fords such as early Mustangs, Falcons etc.

Replaces many industrial carburetors from 140 CID to 300 CID where a downdraft unit with a low profile air cleaner is used. The main jet is fully adjustable allowing the carburetor to be used on a wide range of applications.

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Zenith 28 type universal carburetor
: Zenith 28-Style Universal Carburetor

only $349.00


  • fits standard 1 barrel carb flanges
  • for clamp-on air cleaner only
  • tall design replaces Rochester Model B and Zenith 28 carburetors directly
  • manual choke
  • Chevy/GMC style linkage
  • includes parts shown: linkage adapters, inline fuel filter, flange gasket, instructions

The Y200 Zenith 28 style replaces 1 barrel downdraft carburetors on 200 - 300 CID 6 cylinder applications.

This carburetor is a direct replacement for Carter W-1, Rochester Model B and Zenith 28/228 carburetors used on Chevrolet, Chevrolet Truck and GMC applications with a clamp-on air cleaner. Does not fit air cleaners with wing nut retainers.

Also suitable for replacing Carter 1 bbl carbs such as the Carter BB, WA-1 and WE.

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More New Carburetors

Y600 Marvel-Schebler TSX-33, TSX-241 replacement
Y600: Marvel-Schebler TSX33, TSX241
Reproduction for Ford 2N, 8N and 9N tractors.

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Marvel-Schebler TSX580 reproduction carburetor
Y601: Marvel-Schebler TSX580
Reproduction for Ford 600, 620, 630, 640, 650, 700 tractors w/ 134 CID engine

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Y602 MArvel-Schebler TSX428
Y602: Marvel-Schebler TSX428
Reproduction for Ford Golden Jubilee, Jubilee, NAA, NAB tractors.

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Marvel-Schebler TSX Type Carburetor
Y603: Marvel-Schebler TSX692, TSX765 Reproduction for Ford 2000, 4000 Series 4 Cyl Tractors

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