CK730 Carburetor Rebuild Kit for IHC and Willys Holley 1920


Holley Carburetor Kit
Made in USA. Ethanol compatible.
Includes printed instructions.
Holley Carburetor Kit
US Dollars

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Parts listed here may not fit all applications. Check carburetor number listings before ordering parts.
f006 Float

f006 Float

f142 Float

f142 Float

vb039 choke pull off

vb039 Choke Pull Off


Carburetor Number Application OEM Number
R-4405-1A 1969 Rambler, 232 Eng. for I.H.C. Std. Trans. Emission 384663-C92
R-4405A 1969 Rambler, 232 Eng. For I.H.C. Std. Trans. Emission 384663-C91
R-4542A 1970 I.H.C., 6 Cyl., 232 Eng. Man. Trans. Emission 398235-C91
R-4591A 1970 I.H.C., 4 Cyl., 196 Eng. Man. Trans. Emission 398233-C91
R-6266A I.H.C. Heavy Duty Trk., 6-258 Eng. Std. Trans.
R-6286A I.H.C., Light Duty Trk., 258 Eng. Std. Trans.
R-6705A Willys Kaiser-Jeep, Military 230 Eng.
R-6707-1A 1972 A.M.C. 232 & 258 Eng. Emission
R-6707AAA 1972 AMC 232 & 258 Eng. Emission
R-7864A 1977 I.H.C. 4-196 Industrial Engine 

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