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CK4346 Carburetor Repair Kit for 1937 Cord 812 With Stromberg AA-25

Made in USA. Ethanol compatible. Includes instructions.

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Price: $59.95



CK4346 carburetor kit for Stromberg Aerotype
Stromberg AA-25 carburetor serviced with this kit

Kit Contents

ck4346 Carburetor kit for 1937 Cord 812

Carburetor Numbers Serviced With This Kit



The carburetor number (102-X) is a faint stamping on the top of the float bowl cover. Please check the number as there are several variations of this carburetor which take different kits.

Cord 8 cyl
 1937    812 SUPERCHARGED    A-18492 (102-4A)    STROMBERG AA-25

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Carburetor float
Carburetor float

Carburetor service manual
Carburetor service manual