CK4482 Carter WCFB Carburetor Rebuild Kit


CK4482: Made in USA. Ethanol compatible.
Includes idle mixture screws and springs,Viton accelerator pump and other parts as shown. Comes with instructions and diagram.

Detailed printed instructions included with kits!

Carter WCFB carburetor repair kit for Chrysler, DeSoto, Diamond T, Dodge, Plymouth and REO
US Dollars


Also available

cm448 carburetor service manual

cm448 Service Manual



Chrysler C-63-2, C-64, C-66 1954
Chrysler C-680, C-69, C-70 1955
Chrylser C-300, C-72-300 1955-1956
Chrysler dual carbs 1955-1956
Chrysler Canada C-71 1956
Chrysler C-70, 71, 72, 73, 75-2, 76, 1M1, 2, 3 1956-1957
Chrysler C300C dual carbs 1957

Chrysler Industrial M-45 Special (2 carbs) 1956
Chrysler Industrial M-45-3 (2-carbs) 1957

DeSoto S-2124, 26 1955-1957
DeSoto S-24, S-27 1956-1957
DeSoto Dual Carbs 1956-1957

Diamond T Trucks  DV-195, DV-220, DV-207, DV-235 engines 1955-1966

Dodge D53-3, D55, D63-3, D67, D500 1954-1957
Dodge Canada D61, D65, D67 1956-1957

Plymouth 1955
Plymouth P-29, P-31, Power Pack 1956-1957

Reo DV-195, DV-207, DV-220, DV-235 1955-1962

one kit required per carburetor

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