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MK10A Master Carburetor Repair Kit for Rochester Model B and BC Carburetors

For 1950 and 1951 Chevrolet cars and trucks. These carburetors used a leather accelerator pump with a flat, slotted stem. The second design Model B carburetors have a round stem pump and are serviced with MK31 or MK33. Later carbs (1952-up) have larger screws retaining the air horn and use MK10B.

Made in USA. Ethanol compatible. Includes instructions.Includes original type Fillister head 10-32 thread screws for the airhorn.

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Early Rochester Model B carburetor
Typical carburetor serviced with this kit

Kit Contents

Master carburetor kit for Rochester Model B


  • Gaskets
  • Leather accelerator pump assembly
  • Needle/seat
  • Pump return spring
  • Pump duration spring
  • Power piston spring
  • Power valve spring and check ball
  • Accelerator pump check ball and spring
  • Airhorn screws - correct original Fillister head, 10-32 thread
  • Idle mixture screw and spring
  • Clips and retainers
  • Brass float
  • Instructions

All parts are ethanol-compatible. Services carburetors from 1950-1951. In 1952 the airhorn was made thicker to reduce warpage and fuel leakage. Later carbs use our kit MK10B.

Carburetor service manual
Carburetor service manual
- detailed service manual covering theory, operation and rebuilding of all Rochester Model B carburetors from 1950-up.
universal choke coil
Choke coil for Rochester Model BC carbs
- universal type choke coil to replace old coils where the choke cover is not available new

Carburetor Numbers Serviced With This Kit


All flat-stem pump Rochester Model B's built in 1950 or 1951 are covered by this kit. Later carbs take MK10B.


Chevrolet and Pontiac cars in 1950-51.

Chevrolet trucks in 1950-51.