Holley 2300 Carburetor Manual

cm005: Ebook carburetor service manual - 93 pages, 83 MBytes, pdf format

Complete Service Information: Original factory service documentation for Holley 1909 carburetors used on Ford and AMC. Includes theory of operation, detailed step-by-step service instructions, adjustment procedures and exploded diagrams. Fast, secure e-book download.Detailed service manual: Complete factory service information for Holley model 2300 carburetors used on 1957-1959 Ford and Mercury applications. Includes detailed service and adjustment information. Fast, secure e-book download.


cm005 Holley 2300 Carburetor Manual cm005 Holley 2300 Carburetor Manual
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Table of Contents

  • Holley Modular Manual
  • Typical Illustrations
  • Table of Contents
  • Introduction Operation
  • Overhaul
  • Ford and Mercury Specifications
  • R-1379, R-1380 R-1281, R-1282 R-1952 R-1486 R-1371, R-1412 R-1406, R-1552 R-1974, R-1605, R-1606, R-1770, R-1771 R-1974, R-1772, R-1769, R-1604 R-1929, R-1681, R-1682
  • 1958 Ford 2300C Summary
  • R-1929, R-1924, R-1797, R-1798, R-1779, R-1780 R-1863, R-1864 R-2031, R-2032
  • 1958-62 Mercury 2300C Summary

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