Carter RBS Carburetor Manual

cm040: Ebook carburetor service manual - 28 pages, 12 MBytes, pdf format

Carter RBS: Step-by-step illustrated Carter service procedure, plus Ford manuals and AMC and Kaiser specs. A must-have for the serious restorer or rebuilder. Fast, secure e-book download.


cm040 Carter RBS Carburetor Manual cm040 Carter RBS Carburetor Manual
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Table of Contents

  • Service Info for the Carter RBS
    • Typical RBS Images
  • Carter RBS Service Manual
    • Table of Contents
    • Description
    • Exploded View
    • Servicing the RBS
  • 1974 Ford RBS Service Manual
  • 1968-69 Rambler 6
  • 1966-69 AMC 6
  • Kaiser-Jeep 66-70

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