Carter WA-1 Carburetor Manual

cm439: Ebook carburetor service manual - 77 pages, 97 MBytes, pdf format

Seventy-three pages: Complete factory service information for the Carter WA-1 used on Hudson, Oldsmobile, Pontiac and other applications. Includes detailed manuals as well as specification sheets, parts lists and diagrams, and tune up information. Fast, secure e-book download.


cm439 Carter WA-1 Carburetor Manual cm439 Carter WA-1 Carburetor Manual
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Table of Contents

  • Carter WA-1 Service Procedure
  • Specifications and Adjustments
    • 1952-56 Hudson Hornet 968S 2113S
    • 1950-54 Hudson 749S
    • 1939 Oldsmobile Six 425S 426S
    • 1940 Oldsmobile Six 466S 467S
    • 1950 Oldsmobile Six 763S, SA 764S
    • 1949 Oldsmobile Six 709S 710S
    • 1941-48 Oldsmobile Six 481S, 504S
    • 1949-51 Pontiac Six 717S 718S
    • 1948 Pontiac Six 652S
    • 1946-48 Pontiac Six 537S
  • Carter Motor Tune Up Manual
    • Service Instructions
      • Motor Tune-Up and Carburetor Service Instructions
      • Mileage Complaints
      • Compression
      • Ignition
      • W-1 carburetors
      • Origin of the circuits
      • What the circuits are and what they do
      • Climatic control
      • Disassembling
      • W-1 carburetor: servicing the float circuit
      • Servicing the low speed circuit
      • Antipercolator adjustment
      • Servicing the high speed circuit
      • The Carter Vacumeter carburetor
      • Servicing the pump circuit
      • WA-1 and WO
      • WA-1
      • WO
      • WDO
      • Checking for complaints: W-1, WA-1, WO, WDO Carburetors
      • Identification of W-1, WA-1, WO, WDO, WCD carburetors
      • Carburetor Flanges
      • Carburetor Flanges
      • Itemized Contents of Tool Kits

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