Carter BB Updraft Carburetor Manual

cm476: Ebook carburetor service manual - 24 pages, 14 MBytes, pdf format

Complete service manual: Comprehensive factory service information for the Carter BB updraft carburetor. Includes theory, diagrams, specifications and complete overhaul procedures. Fast, secure e-book download.

Covers Carter BB, BB1, BB1A and BB1D updraft carburetors, including universal (service replacement) models.


cm476 Carter BB Updraft Carburetor Manual cm476 Carter BB Updraft Carburetor Manual
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Table of Contents

  • Carter BB Updraft Service Manual
  • BB Updraft Service Procedure
  • BB Updraft Circuits
  • 1941 Chevrolet BB Updraft Service Carter BB
  • Updraft Universal Carburetors
  • 1939-40 Chevrolet COE 447S
  • 1941-49 Chevrolet COE and FC 489S 517S 699S
  • 1950-57 Chevrolet COE and FC 745S 871S 2075S
  • 1940-48 Dodge Truck COE 6C1 6C2 6D1 6D1 6D1R 6E1 6F1 6G1
  • 1948-49 Dodge Truck COE 6M1
  • 1950-55 Dodge Truck COE 6N1 6N2

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