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The Carburetor Doctor - carburetor rebuild kits, parts and restoration

Quality carburetor rebuild kits, choke pull offs, choke coils and floats for American carburetors.

 New universal replacement carburetors

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Carter ABD

Carter ABD kits

carter AFB

Carter AFB kits

Carter AS

Carter AS kits

Carter AVS

Carter AVS kits

Carter BB

Carter BB kits

Carter BB Updraft

Carter BB Updraft kits

Carter BBD

Carter BBD kits

Carter BBS

Carter BBS kits

Carter Brass Bowl

Carter Brass Bowl kits

Carter N

Carter N kits

Carter RBS

Carter RBS kits

Carter TQ

Carter Thermoquad kits

Carter UT

Carter UT kits

Carter W-1

Carter W-1 kits

Carter WA-1

Carter WA-1 kits

Carter WCD

Carter WCD kits

Carter WCFB

Carter WCFB kits

Carter WDO

Carter WDO kits

Carter WE

Carter WE kits

Carter WGD

Carter WGD kits

Carter WO

Carter WO kits

Carter YF

Carter YF kits

Carter YH

Carter YH kits

Carter YS

Carter YS kits



Ford 1100

Ford 1100 kits

Ford 1250

Ford 1250 kits

Ford 2100

Ford 2100 kits

Ford 2150

Ford 2150 kits

Ford 4100

Ford 4100 kits

Ford 4300

Ford 4300 kits

Ford 4350

Ford 4350 kits



Holley 847

Holley 847 kits

Holley 852

Holley 852 kits

Holley 859

Holley 859 kits

Holley 885

Holley 885 kits

Holley 1901

Holley 1901 kits

Holley 1904

Holley 1904 kits

Holley 1909

Holley 1909 kits

Holley 1920

Holley 1920 kits

Holley 1931

Holley 1931 kits

Holley 1940

Holley 1940 kits

Holley 1946

Holley 1946 / 6149 kits

Holley 1970

Holley 1970 kits

Holley 4000

Holley 2140 / 4000 kits

Holley 2140G

Holley 2140G kits

Holley 2209

Holley 2209 kits

Holley 2210

Holley 2210 / 2245 kits

Holley 2280

Holley 2280 kits

Holley 2300

Holley 2300 kits

Holley 2300G

Holley 2300G kits

Holley 4150

Holley 4150 / 4160 kits

Holley 4150G

Holley 4150G / 4152EG kits

Holley 4165

Holley 4165 kits

Holley 4180

Holley 4180 / 4190 kits

Holley 4360

Holley 4360 kits

Holley 6500

Holley 5200 / 6500 kits

Holley AA

Holley AA kits

Holley T

Holley T kits




IHC kits



Kingston T

Kingston T kits


Marvel Schebler


Marvel Schebler kits



Rochester 2-Jet

Rochester 2-Jet kits

Rochester 4-Jet

Rochester 4-Jet kits

Rochester AA

Rochester AA kits

Rochester BV

Rochester B kits

Rochester BB

Rochester BB kits

Rochester M2ME

Rochester Dualjet kits

Rochester H

Rochester H kits

Rochester MV

Rochester Monojet kits

Rochester 4MV

Rochester Quadrajet 4MC / 4MV kits

Rochester M4MC

Rochester Quadrajet M4MC / M4MD / M4ME kits

Rochester E4MC

Rochester Quadrajet E4MC / E4ME kits

Rochester E2SE

Rochester Varajet kits



Stromberg 4A

Stromberg 4A kits

Stromberg 81

Stromberg 81 kits

Stromberg AA

Stromberg AA kits

Stromberg BX

Stromberg BX kits

Stromberg EE

Stromberg EE kits

Stromberg EX

Stromberg EX kits

Stromberg UC

Stromberg UC kits

Stromberg WW

Stromberg WW kits

Stromberg WWC

Stromberg WWC kits



Tillotson X

Tillotson X kits



Zenith 12

Zenith 12 kits

Zenith 20

Zenith 20 / 23 kits

Zenith 22

Zenith 22 kits

Zenith 228

Zenith 28 / 228 kits

Zenith 28ADA

Zenith 28D / 28ADA kits

Zenith 29D

Zenith 29D kits

Zenith 61

Zenith 61 kits

Zenith 62

Zenith 62 kits

Zenith 63

Zenith 63 / 263M kits

Zenith 68

Zenith 68 kits

Zenith 69

Zenith 69 kits

Zenith 87

Zenith 87 kits

Zenith 94

Zenith 94 kits

Zenith 261

Zenith 261 kits

Zenith TU

Zenith TU kits

Zenith Updraft

Zenith Updraft kits