Zenith Carburetors Numerical List

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Number Kit Float Manual
S549 ck0927 cm927
S553 ck0927 cm927
S555 ck0926 f064 cm615
S558 ck9021 f138 cm920
S559 ck0563 f090 cm615
S560 ck0613 f090 cm615
S561 ck0613 f090 cm615
S562 cm919
S567 ck0577 f128
S569 ck0622 f063 cm615
S572 ck0563 cm615
S581 ck0514 f062 cm514
S584 ck0514 f062 cm514
S586 ck0514 f062 cm514
S592 ck0577 f128
S604 ck9021 f138 cm920
S613 ck0956 f092 cm615
S620 ck9021 f138 cm920
S632 ck0622 f063 cm615
S633 ck9022 cm920
S637 ck9021 f138 cm920
S638 ck9012 cm920
S639 ck9012 cm920
S641 ck0956 f092 cm615
S642 ck0956 f092 cm615
S643 ck9019 cm905
S645 ck9021 f138 cm920
S648 f090 cm615
S652 ck0563 f064 cm615
S656 ck0622 f063 cm615
S656A ck0622 f063 cm615
S660 ck9021 f138 cm920
S662 ck0923 f062 cm514
S664 ck0613 f090 cm615
S665 ck0613 f090 cm615
S666 ck9021 f138 cm920
S675 ck0936 f092 cm615
S676 ck0577 f128
S678 ck0923 f062 cm514
S680 ck9021 f138 cm920
S690 ck0563 f090 cm615
S696 ck0935 f063 cm615
S697 f063 cm615
S706 ck0613 f090 cm615
S709 ck0935 f063 cm615
S710 ck0923 f062 cm514
S711 ck0923 f062 cm514
S712 ck0983 f062 cm514
S714 ck0613 f090 cm615
S717 ck0622 f063 cm615
S721 ck0936 f092 cm615
S732 ck0622 f063 cm615
S746 ck0563 f090 cm615
S750 ck0563 f090 cm615
S752 ck9021 f138 cm920
S759 f138
S766 ck0975 cm905
S774 ck0974 cm927
S775 ck9021 f138 cm920
S777 ck0921 f062 cm514
S792 ck9261 f064 cm615
S793 ck0924 f090 cm615
S798 ck0924 f090 cm615
S799 ck9261 f064 cm615
S812 ck9021 f138 cm920
S815 ck0619 f064 cm615
S820 cm918
S821 ck0622 f063 cm615
S831 ck0974 cm927
S832 ck0619 f064 cm615
S833 ck0936 f092 cm615
S840 f138
S843 ck0926 f064 cm615
S845 ck9022 cm920
S846 ck0926 f064 cm615
S847 ck0622 f063 cm615
S852 ck9021 f138 cm920
S854 ck0925 f090 cm615
S859 ck0936 f092 cm615
S861 ck0936 f092 cm615
S862 ck0936 f092 cm615
S864 ck0622 f063 cm615
S867 ck0936 f092 cm615
S869 ck9021 f138 cm920
S875 f138
S880 ck9002 f062 cm514
S881 ck0563 f090 cm615
S890 f138
S900 ck9022 cm920
S904 ck0613 f090 cm615
S906 ck6912 f063 cm615
S907 ck0936 f092 cm615
S912 ck0936 f092 cm615
S913 ck0936 f092 cm615
S917 ck0563 f064 cm615
S920 ck0563 f064 cm615
S921 ck0975 cm905
S924 ck0563 f064 cm615
S930 ck0622 f063 cm615
S933 ck0622 f063 cm615
S940 ck0563 f064 cm615
S941 ck0926 f064 cm615
S943 ck0936 f092 cm615
S946 ck0563 f090 cm615
S948 ck0622 f063 cm615
S949 ck0925 f090 cm615
S955 ck0622 f063 cm615
S956 ck0925 f090 cm615
S961 ck0936 f092 cm615
S962 ck0563 f064 cm615
S970 ck0936 f092 cm615
S972 ck0622 f063 cm615
S977 ck0924 f090 cm615
S980 ck0936 f092 cm615
S981 ck0936 f092 cm615
S982 ck0936 f092 cm615
S986 ck0925 f090 cm615
S994 ck0613 f090 cm615
S995 ck0926 f064 cm615
S998 f138
S999 ck0563 f064 cm615
S1006 ck0936 f092 cm615
S1007 ck0622 f063 cm615
S1009 ck0926 f064 cm615
S1010 ck0613 f090 cm615
S1022 ck0925 f090 cm615
S1024 ck0921 f062 cm514
S1025 ck0921 f062 cm514
S1032 ck0563 f064 cm615
S1033 ck0563 f064 cm615
S1034 ck0563 f064 cm615
S1035 ck0936 f092 cm615
S1037 ck0613 f090 cm615
S1039 ck0936 f092 cm615
S1042 ck0936 f092 cm615
S1043 ck0622 f063 cm615
S1044 ck0613 f090 cm615
S1045 ck0926 f064 cm615
S1047 ck0975 cm905
S1050 ck0925 f090 cm615
S1051 ck9014 cm905
S1052 ck0936 f092 cm615
S1057 ck0926 f064 cm615
S1061 ck0622 f063 cm615
S1062 ck0925 f090 cm615
S1066 ck0925 f090 cm615
S1069 ck0975 cm905
S1071 ck0563 f064 cm615
S1072 ck0613 f090 cm615
S1075 ck0936 f092 cm615
S1076 ck0936 f092 cm615
S1089 ck0936 f092 cm615
S1094 ck0936 f092 cm615
S1096 ck9021 f138 cm920
S1099 ck0936 f092 cm615
S1105 ck0927 cm927
S1111 ck0563 f090 cm615
S1113 ck0936 f092 cm615
S1119 ck0936 f092 cm615
S1121 ck0936 f092 cm615
S1123 ck0975 cm905
S1130 ck0936 f092 cm615
S1136 ck0622 f063 cm615
S1139 ck0936 f092 cm615
S1143 ck0936 f092 cm615
S1147 ck0926 f064 cm615
S1149 f092
S1150 ck0926 f064 cm615
S1151 ck0973 f065 cm915
S1156 ck0924 f090 cm615
S1161 ck0936 f092 cm615
S1162 ck0622 f063 cm615
S1164 ck0563 f090 cm615
S1171 ck0925 f090 cm615
S1172 ck0924 f090 cm615
S1173 ck0936 f092 cm615
S1177 ck0975 cm905
S1180 ck0921 f062 cm514
S1184 ck9002 f062 cm514
S1195 ck0906 cm906
S1196 ck0936 f092 cm615
S1198 ck0921 f062 cm514
S1203 ck0622 f063 cm615
S1204 ck0622 f063 cm615
S1206 ck0926 f064 cm615
S1207 ck0926 f064 cm615
S1210 ck9014 cm905
S1213 ck9002 f062 cm514
S1214 ck0613 f090 cm615
S1215 ck0926 f064 cm615
S1216 ck0563 f064 cm615
S1220 ck0926 f064 cm615
S1221 ck0622 f063 cm615
S1222 ck0622 f063 cm615
S1223 ck0622 f063 cm615
S1224 ck0563 f090 cm615
S1225 ck9014 cm905
S1226 ck0622 f063 cm615
S1231 ck0622 f066 cm615
S1233 ck0926 f064 cm615
S1234 ck0622 f063 cm615
S1236 ck0936 f092 cm615
S1238 ck0613 f090 cm615
S1240 ck0926 f064 cm615
S1241 ck0613 f090 cm615
S1244 ck0936 f092 cm615
S1245 ck0975 cm905
S1246 ck9002 f062 cm514
S1258 f064 cm615
S1259 ck0926 f064 cm615
S1261 ck0613 f090 cm615
S1264 ck9002 f062 cm514
S1265 ck0563 f064 cm615
S1268 ck0936 f092 cm615
S1269 ck0921 f062 cm514
S1270 ck9014 cm905
S1273 ck0613 f090 cm615
S1285 ck0622 f063 cm615
S1287 ck0563 f090 cm615
S1289 ck0921 f062 cm514
S1290 ck0514 f062 cm514
S1291 ck0622 f063 cm615
S1293 ck0974 cm927
S1294 cm927
S1295 ck0974 cm927
S1296 cm927
S1297 ck0974 cm927
S1298 ck0563 f090 cm615
S1299 f138 cm919
S1300 ck0563 f064 cm615
S1301 ck0563 f090 cm615
S1302 ck0563 f064 cm615
S1303 ck0622 f066 cm615
S1304 ck0613 f090 cm615
S1305 ck0563 f064 cm615
S1307 ck0563 f090 cm615
S1309 ck0924 f090 cm615
S1310 ck0563 f090 cm615
S1311 ck0563 f090 cm615
S1313 ck0563 f090 cm615
S1314 ck0563 cm615
S1315 ck0563 f090 cm615
S1319 ck0613 f090 cm615
S1320 ck0563 f090 cm615
S1321 ck0563 f090 cm615
S1324 ck0563 cm615
S1327 ck0563 cm615
S1328 ck0563 f090 cm615
S1329 ck0622 f063 cm615
S1330 ck0613 f090 cm615
S1332 ck0563 f064 cm615
S1333 ck9002 f062 cm514
S1335 ck0622 f063 cm615
S1336 ck0613 f090 cm615
S1337 ck0619 f064 cm615
S1338 ck0926 f064 cm615
S1339 f138 cm920
S1340 ck0563 f090 cm615
S1343 ck0514 f062 cm514
S1345 ck0563 f090 cm615
S1346 ck0563 f090 cm615
S1348 ck0563 cm615
S1351 ck0926 f064 cm615
S1353 ck0926 f064 cm615
S1355 ck0563 f090 cm615
S1357 ck9021 f138 cm920
S1358 ck0613 f090 cm615
S1359 ck0563 cm615
S1360 ck0563 f090 cm615
S1362 ck9002 f062 cm514
S1363 ck0514 f062 cm514
S1365 ck0563 f090 cm615
S1366 ck0563 cm615
S1367 ck0924 f090 cm615
S1370 ck9002 f062 cm514
S1372 ck0936 f092 cm615
S1373 ck0563 cm615
S1374 ck0563 f064 cm615
S1375 ck0563 f090 cm615
S1376 ck0925 f090 cm615
S1377 ck0925 f090 cm615
S1378 ck0613 f090 cm615
S1379 ck0563 f090 cm615
S1380 ck0563 f090 cm615
S1382 ck0936 f092 cm615
S1383 ck0563 f090 cm615
S1384 ck0563 f090 cm615
S1385 ck0563 f090 cm615
S1386 ck0563 f090 cm615
S1387 ck0563 f090 cm615
S1389 ck0563 f090 cm615
S1392 ck0563 cm615
S1394 ck0563 f064 cm615
S1396 ck0563 f090 cm615
S1397 ck0925 f090 cm615
S1399 ck0613 f090 cm615
S1400 ck0563 f090 cm615
S1402 ck0514 f062 cm514
S1403 ck0926 f064 cm615
S1404 ck0936 f092 cm615
S1405 ck0613 f090 cm615
S1406 ck0563 f090 cm615
S1407 ck0563 cm615
S1409 ck0563 cm615
S1410 ck0563 f090 cm615
S1411 ck0563 f064 cm615
S1412 ck0563 f090 cm615
S1414 ck0563 cm615
S1416 ck0563 f090 cm615
S1418 ck0563 f090 cm615
S1419 f138 cm919
S1420 ck0563 cm615
S1422 ck0925 f090 cm615
S1423 ck0563 cm615
S1424 ck9014 cm905
S1427 ck0563 f064 cm615
S1433 ck0563 f064 cm615
S1434 ck0613 f090 cm615
S1436 ck0563 f090 cm615
S1437 ck0926 f064 cm615
S1438 ck0613 f090 cm615
S1440 ck0936 f092 cm615
S1444 ck0936 f092 cm615
S1446 ck0563 f090 cm615
S1447 ck0925 f090 cm615
S1448 ck0563 f090 cm615
S1449 ck0563 cm615
S1450 ck0563 f090 cm615
S1451 ck0926 f064 cm615
S1453 ck0622 f063 cm615
S1457 ck0563 cm615
S1461 ck0563 f090 cm615
S1463 ck0563 f090 cm615
S1464 ck0563 cm615
S1465 ck0975 cm905
S1467 ck0563 f090 cm615
S1468 ck0936 f092 cm615
S1469 ck0936 f092 cm615
S1470 ck0563 f090 cm615
S1472 ck0514 f062 cm514
S1474 ck9014 cm905
S1475 ck0613 f090 cm615
S1477 ck0563 cm615
S1478 ck0613 f090 cm615
S1481 ck9014 cm905
S1482 ck0563 f090 cm615
S1483 ck0563 f090 cm615
S1484 ck9002 f062 cm514
S1485 ck0563 f090 cm615
S1487 f138 cm919
S1489 ck0925 f090 cm615
S1490 ck0563 cm615
S1491 ck0563 f090 cm615
S1492 ck0925 f090 cm615
S1493 ck0563 f090 cm615
S1494 ck0925 f090 cm615
S1495 ck0563 f090 cm615
S1497 ck0563 cm615
S1498 ck0936 f092 cm615
S1499 ck0563 f090 cm615
S1501 ck0563 f090 cm615
S1502 ck0563 f090 cm615
S1504 f138 cm919
S1507 ck0613 f090 cm615
S1508 cm919
S1509 ck0563 cm615
S1512 ck0924 f090 cm615
S1520 ck0622 f063 cm615
S1523 ck0563 cm615
S1524 ck0613 f090 cm615
S1525 ck0563 cm615
S1527 ck0563 f090 cm615
S1528 ck0925 f090 cm615
S1529 ck0514 f062 cm514
S1530 f138 cm919
S1531 ck0936 f092 cm615
S1536 ck0563 f090 cm615
S1538 ck0622 f063 cm615
S1539 ck0935 f063 cm615
S1540 ck0935 f063 cm615
S1543 ck0563 cm615
S1547 ck0613 f090 cm615
S1548 ck0622 f063 cm615
S1549 ck0563 cm615
S1553 ck0975 cm905
S1555 ck0563 f090 cm615
S1558 ck0563 f090 cm615
S1559 ck0514 f062 cm514
S1560 ck9014 cm905
S1561 ck0563 cm615
S1562 ck0563 f064 cm615
S1567 ck0563 cm615
S1568 ck0563 cm615
S1569 cm916
S1571 ck0563 f090 cm615
S1573 ck0563 cm615
S1574 ck9002 f062 cm514
S1576 ck0563 cm615
S1577 ck0563 f090 cm615

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