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The Carburetor Doctor - carburetor rebuild kits, parts and restoration

Quality carburetor rebuild kits, choke pull offs, choke coils and floats for American carburetors.

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Please note that the final determination of which parts are needed should be made from the carburetor number, if possible. The applications below should be taken as a guide only, since in many cases parts have been changed in service or there were variations in original production.

1960-1980 International Harvester 4 cylinder
Years Engine / Model Carb Type Carb Model Carburetor Number Carb Kit Float Service Manual
1980-75 3.2L (196") H-1 1940 R-7576A,-1A, R-7771A, R-8789A R-8239A R-7161A,-1A CK174 F4  
1972 3.2L (196") Man. Trans H-1 1920 R-6319 CK760    
1970 196" AMC Eng. Man. Trans., Emission H-1 1920 R-4591A; 398233-C91 CK730    
1969-68 196" Emission H-1 1920 R-3993-A, 360766-C91, R-3993-1A, 360766-C92, R-3993-1AAS (service carburetor) CK729    
1968-60 152, 196" H-1 1904 R-2352-1A,-1AAS, R-2445-1 A,-2A,-2AAS, R-2494A,AAS, R-3479A,-1A, -1AAS, R-3716A,AAS, R-3842A,AAS, R-3862A,AAS, R-4171A,AAS CK55 F32  
1962-60 152" H-1 1904 R-2352A, R-2445A CK3 F32  
1932-1975 International Harvester 6 cylinder
Years Engine / Model Carb Type Carb Model Carburetor Number Carb Kit Float Service Manual
BD-220, BD-240, BD-269, BD-282, R-100, R-110 thru R-150, R-160, R-170, RC-160, RC-180, SD-220, SD-240 H-1 1904 R-758A,-1A, R-762A,-1A,-1AAS, R-763A,-1 A,-2A,-2AAS, R-825A,-1A, R-828A,-1A, R-829A,-1A, R-830A,-1A, R-831A,-1A, R-901-1A, R-931-1A, R-961A, R-1237A, -1A,-1AAS, R-1418A,-1A,-2A, -2AAS, R-1419A,-1A,-2A, R-1420-2A,-2AAS, R-1485A, R-1 489A, R-1 620A,AS CK3 F32 CM3
BD-240, BD-264, BD-282, R-160, R-180, RC-160, RF-170, SD-240 H-1 1904 R-841A,-1A, R-842A,-1A, R-900-1A, R-930-1A, R-962A, R-1218A, R-1238A,-1A,-1AAS, R-1313A, R-1323A, R-1324A, R-1420A,- 1A, R-1421A,-1A CK55 F32 CM3
- - - - - RD-406" ENG, L-190, 194, 195, 200, 204, I-190, LF-190 H-2 885 R-776A, AAS, -1AAS, R-797A CK409   CM409
- - - - - RD-450" ENG, L-200, 204, 210, LC-210, LF210 H-2 885 R-767A, AS, -1AAS, R-798A CK409   CM409
1975-54 RD-450, RD-501, RD-510 ENG H-2 2140G R-864A, -1A, -1AAS, R-977A, R-3020A, R-3914-A, -1A, 702168C91, R-4334A, -1A, R-4335A, -1A, R-4336A, R-4344A, -1A, R-6399A, -1A, -2A, 3A, R-6439A, 1A, -2A, R-6672A, AAA, R-6807A, R-6834A, AAS, R-6851A CK5311   CM531
1975-54 RD 372, RD406 ENG H-2 885 FFG R-938-1A, -2A, -3AAA, R-939A, -1A, -2A, R-958A, R-959A, R-987-2AAS, R-1461A, R-1716A, R-2692A, -1A, R-3018A, R-4327A, -1A, R-4328A, -1A, R-6397A, -1A, -2A, R-6437A, R-6437-1A, R-6625A, -1A, R-6804A, R-6805A CK530   CM409
1975-50 RD406, RD450 ENG H-2 852FFG R-595A ,-1A, -2A, R-596A, -1A, -2A, R-629A, -2A, R-630A, -2A, R-631A, R-712A, R-722A, R-966A, -1A, 1A, 1AS, R-967A, R-2660-IA, -2A, R-2691A, -1A, R-3019A, R3166-A, -AAS, 294309C91, R-4329A, -1A, R-4330A, -1A, R-6398A, -1A, R-6438A, R-6806A, R-6833A CK532    
1974-73 258" H-1 1940 R-6442A,-1A, R-6775A,-1A, R-6800A, R-6831A, R-6832A CK174 F4  
1969 232" AMC engine, emission H-2 1920 R-4405-A, 384663-C91, R-4405-AAS (replacement carb); 384663-C91, 384663-C92 CK730    
1968 BG-241, BG-265 H-1 1904 R-3496A,AAS, R-4134A,AAS, R-4135A,AAS CK3 F32 CM3
1968-66 220, BG-220 H-1 1904 R-3478-1A,-1AAS, R-3499A,AAS CK55 F32 CM3
1966 220, BG-241 H-1 1904 R-3443A,AAS,-1A, R-3478A CK3 F32 CM3
1961-49 KB6, KB7 Z-1 228 10738, 11275, 14275 CK921 F62
1961-38 BLD, FA, FB, FAB, FAC, FBB, FBC, GRD, HD, SD, RED SERIES ENG, CA-30, D/DR 2-70, DR426F, K/KB/KR 1-11, KR12F, QK-7M MODEL SERIES Z-1 28/228 S493, A, B, S796, S1058, A, S1093, A, S1594, 8587, 9015, 9311, A, B, 9438, A-D, 9439, A-D, 9440, A-E, 9459, A, B, 9460, A, B, 9461, A, B, 9473, A-C, 9475, A, B, 9483, A, 9510, A, B, 9515, 9516, A-C, 9583, A, B, 9584, A-E, 9585, A-C, 9586, A, B, 9587, A-C, CK9002 F62 CM514
1958-57 264" ENG, BD "A" LINE H-2 2110-FF R-1389A, -1A, R-1433A, -1A, R-1565A, -1A, R-1812A, AS, AAS, 172956-R91, 174085-R91, 187182-R91, 212821-R91 CK406   CM412
1953-50 R-180, R-184, SD-240 C-1 YF 736, 741, 879 CK29 F17  
1953-50 SD-220 ENG, L-110, -111, -112, -120, -121, -122, -130, -131, -132, -150, -151, -152, -153, -165, LB140, LC160, C-1 YF 735S, SA, 740S, SA, SB, CK446    
1953-41 K-6, K-7, KB-6, KB-7, L170, L171, L172, L173, L174, L175, LF170, LF171, LF172, L180, L181, L182, L183, L184, L185, R170 C-1 BBR1 617S, SA, 686S, SA, 980S CK5173 F72 CM517
1952 L, LC-160 C-1 YF 939S CK446    
1949-42 K-5, KB-5, KBS-5, K-6, K-7, KB-6, KB-7 S-1 BXOV-2 380184 (32-29), 380185 (32-40) CK463   CM463
1949-41 K-1, K-2, K-3, K-4, K-5, KB-1, KB-2, KB-3, KB-4KB-5 C-1 BBR1 615S, SA, SB, SC, SS, 656S, SA, 700S CK5173 F72 CM517
1949-41 K-1, K-2, K-3, K-4, K-5, KB-1, KB-2, KB-3, KB-4KB-5 C-1 BBR1 615S, SA, SB, SC, SS, 656S, SA, 700S CK5173 F72 CM517
1949-40 D-2, D-3, D-15, K-1, K-2, K-3, K-4, KB-1, KB-2, KB-3 S-1 BXV-2 380183 (32-38) CK463   CM463
1941-40 D-3H, D-30, D-308, D-30D, D-30L, D-35B, DS-30, DS-30B, DS-30L, DS-35B, D-186T, D-186TH, D-186TL, D-186T, DS-186TH S-1 BXV-2 380149 (32-28) CK463   CM463
1940-36   Z-1 20/23   CK552   CM542
1936-32   S-1 EX, EXV   CK545    

1954-1981 International Harvester 8 cylinder
Years Engine / Model Carb Type Carb Model Carburetor Number Choke Pull Off Carb Kit Float Service Manual
V-266, V-304, B-100, -110, -153, B-120, B-130, B-150, B-160, B-163, B-170, B-173, BC-150, BC-160, BC-170, BC-173, BCF-170 H-2 2300 R-1710-1A,-2A,-3A,-4AAS, R-1711-1A,-2A, R-2582A,-1A, R-2583A,AS, R-2977A CK6 F53 CM6
1981 5.7L (345") H-2 2245 R-9200A VB39 CK195 F3 CM195
1980-79 5.7L (345") w/AT C-4 T.Q. 9128, 9203, 9205 CK195 F3 CM195
1980-78 6.6L (404") 8.8L (537") (Exc. Calif.) H-2 2300EG R-8235A, R-8236A, R-8741A CK252 F53  
1980-77 5.0L (304") 5.7L (345") 6.6L (404") H-2 2210 R-7657A, R-7773A, R-7940A, R-8241A, R-8244A, R-8738A, R-8790A VB39 CK175 F12  
1980-75 6.6L (404") 7.3L (446") 8.8L (537") H-4 4150G, EG R-6974A, R-7215A, R-7251A, R-7997A, R-8239A, R-8922A, R-8923A, R-8924A CK255 F53  
1979-78 345" H-2 2300EG R-8242A, R-8736A CK253 F53  
404, 537" H-2 2300EG R-8238A, R-8245A, R-8248A CK252 F53  
1979-75 392" H-4 4150G, EG R-7028A, R-7579A, R-8105A, R-8243A, R-8737A, R-9021A CK255 F15 & F53  
1979-69 304, 345" H-2 2300G, EG R-4310A,-1A,-2A, R-4311A,-1A, -2A, R-6623A,-1A, R-6801A,-1A, R-6802A,-1A, R-6899A, R-7656A, R-7949A, R-8178A, 8180A, R-8232A CK252 F53  
1978-69 392" H-4 4150G, EG R-4323A,-1A,-2A,-3A,-4A,-5A, -6A,-7A, R-4324A,-1A,-2A,-3A, -4A,-5A,-6A,-7A, R-6803A,-1 A, -2A,-3A, R-8233A,-1A CK254 F15 & F53  
1976-63 304, 345, 400, 401, 404" H-2 2210 R-6443A,-1A, R-6620A,-1A,-2A, R-6674A,AAS,-1A,-2A, R-6776A, AAS, R-6828A,-1A, R-7037A, R-7133A, R-7214A,-1A, R-7217A, R-7309A,-1A, R-7485A,-1A VB39 CK175 F12  
1976-54 V-401, V-478, VS-478, V-549, FTV-549, VTV-549, VS-549 ENG H-4 2140G R-987A, -1A, -2A, R-1348A, -1A, R-1967A, R-1968A, R-2361A, R-2406A, -1A, R-2407A, R-2408A, R-2460A, R-2461A, -1A, -2A, R-2486A, -1A, -2A, R-2634A, -1A, R-2669A, 1A, R-2702A, -1A, R-2760A, -1A, R-2869-1A, R-3023A, R-3448A, R-3518A, -1A, R-3666A, R-4337A,   F84 CM531
1975-74 All C-4 TQ 6551, 6590, 6592 VB14 CK109 F3  
9027, 9028 VB14 CK109 F3  
1975-55 V-401, V-461, V-478, VS-478, V-549 ENG H-2 852 FFG R1056-1A, -2A, -3A, R-1057-1A, -2A, -3A, R-1985A, -1A, R-2326A, R-2389A, R-2409A, -1A, -2A, R-2410A, -1A, -2A, R-257SA, -1A, -2A, -2AAS, -3A, -3AAS,R-2576A, -1A, -2A, -3A, -3AAS, R-3021A, R-3022A, AAS, R-3086A, -1A, -1AAS, R-3160-1A, -1AAS, R-3164A, R-316   CK532
1970-64 V-266, V-304, V-345, 304, 304E, 345E H-2 2300 R-1710-5AAS, R-2520A,-1A, -1AAS,-2A,-3A,-3AAS, R-2976, -1A,-2A, R-2977-1A,-1AAS, -2A,-2AAS, R-2978-1A,-2A, R-3502-2A,-2AAS, R-3503A,-1A, -1AAS,-2A,-2AAS, R-3551A, AAS,-1A,-1AAS, R-3552A, AAS,-1A,-1AAS, R-3649-2A, -3A, R-3679-1A,-3AAS, R-3855A,AAS, -1 A, -1 AAS, R-3863A,AAS, -1 A, -1 AAS, R-3864A,AAS, R-3865A,AAS, -1A,-1AAS, R-3866A,AAS,-1A, -1AAS, R-3867A,AAS,-1A, -1AAS, R-3868A,AAS,-1A, -1AAS, R-3869A,AAS,-1A, -1AAS, R-3870A,AAS,-1A, -1AAS, R-3872A,AAS,-1A, -1AAS, R-3991A,-1A,-1AAS, R-4078A,-1,-1AAS, R-4079A, -1A,-1AAS, R-4080A,-1A, -1AAS, R-4081A,-1A,-1AAS, R-4082A,-1A,-1AAS, R-4083A, -1A,-1AAS, R-4084A,-1A, -1AAS CK6 F53 CM6